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Taking the existing brand of Don Julio, the goal was to create a bottle design that captured the essence of the original brand while creating a new look and feel. The Don Julio Brand, which carries an identity of craftsmanship, high quality, refinement, and authenticity is carried through in their well designed brand. Using the original logotype,

calligraphic elements were designed to live on both sides of the Don Julio name. The aim was to create more of a balanced logo design

which will work well in various uses.


Aspects for the bottles design are inspired by aspects of the Don Julio and Mexican culture. Such inspiration came from aspects such as the traditional decorative suits and belts worn by Mariachi musicians. Other inspiration came from the various aspects of the Don Julio production culture as well as the Vaqueros, the Spanish cowboys who work the fields. The bottles shape is intended to relate to the original bottle shapes of Don Julio while bringing a new and unique style. Over all the bottle design is intended to celebrate the internationally renown brand of Don Julio while also celebrating stylistic characteristics of the traditional Mexican culture.


Graphic Designer // Photographer

Academy of Art University 2017
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