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The goal of this project was to create an application based off of the concept of paying it forward, in which a good deed is not owed back to a person, but forwarded on to another person, thus creating waves of positivity that flow throughout a community. Deeds is intended to serve as platform in which people can help out one another through various acts of kindness. By creating this platform, users are given the opportunity to help other whom they might not otherwise cross paths with.


Its works by giving a user, once they sign up, "one free deed" in which they are able to post one thing that they need help with. This is intended to get the ball rolling and initially engage the user within the UI of the site. Once signed in, a user is able to search for people near by who are in need of a good deed. 


The design of the app is intended to give a clean, light, and positive feel while creating a subliminal sense of connection through graduated tints of green, blue, and purple. The UX design is played out and created to be easy to use and clear to understand thereby creating a user experience that's both easy and enjoyable.


Graphic Designer // Photographer

Academy of Art University 2017
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San Francisco, California