No. 1


This projects was created as a rebranding/relabeling excursize at the Academy of Art with the intentions of taking the existing brand of Don Julio into a new and progressive place. Aspects of the brand, such as its Mexican culture, and the life as an Agave farmer were studied and applied to this redesign...

Academy Of Art University 2017

No. 2


Deeds is an app created as a student at the AAU intended to serve as a platform to allow people of a community to reach out and help others by performing good deeds for one another. The app is designed with a specific target audience and style that create a clean, organized, and light mood...

Academy Of Art University 2017

No. 3


The objective behind this student project was to take and existing brand and expand that brand into a new market of home appliance products. Taking the world renown brand of Tesla, a serries of products and packages were created to hypothetical extend the brand into products you would see in your home...

Academy Of Art University 2017

No. 4


This student project objective was to create a coffee book style publication based on the world wide subject of global warming. The book, using dramatic photography, typography, and user interactive elements to create an experience that gets the idea of the effects of global warming across to the reader...

Academy Of Art University 2017

No. 5



The goal of this student project was to take and existing local wine brand and rebrand as well as re label a set of 3 different wine varietals offered by the company.

 Choosing the Napa Valley wine brand of Castello Di Amorosa, the goal was to create a brand and label that relayed the feeling and experience of the hand built Californian castle winery...

Academy Of Art University 2017

No. 6


The objective of this student project was to create and product to solve a problem, and further developing a complete business identity branding outline for the product. For this project, an electronic shark deterrent device was created to be easily worn with effective shark repellent technology...

Academy Of Art University 2017

No. 7


This student project is an app designed to help connect musical artists and promoters or venue owners. Without giving away too many details, the apps design is intended to create a platform in which artists can get more gigs and promoters can find new talent...

Academy Of Art University 2017


Graphic Designer // Photographer

Academy of Art University 2017
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