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Vennu is an application that allows for a more fluid connection between musical artists looking for gigs to play and promoters looking for artists to fill their establishment. The goal of the application is to create a platform for them to easily reach one another, intended to create more of a harmony within the industry than ever before. The app allows for musicians to upload or create their electronic press kit (EPK kit) which can be easily be sent to promoters of all places where they are interested in performing at. Promoters in turn are able to view band's or musician's profile information such as musical tracks, music videos, photography, and rating which is based off of past promoters satisfaction. Artists are able to view promoters as well and view their hiring history.


The UX design is intended to make the app easy to use, with quick access to various information. it is designed to be rather simple, to allow for personal media and other information to stand out. Its also designed to have a clean, modern, and professional feel, with a user flow designed to make for a quick and effortless process in searching for venus or artists.


Graphic Designer // Photographer

Academy of Art University 2017
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San Francisco, California