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The winery chosen for this project was the Castello DI Amorosa, located in the Napa Valley of California. The goal of the project was to new create a label which better captures the essence of the castle its self while also invoking a feeling of authenticity and quality.


In the rebranding of the logo, a strong roman styled serif typeface was specifically stylized to reflect the castles medieval Italian designed heritage. The bottles shape, sets itself apart on the self with a unique shape which differs from the rest. The cutouts on the top, resembling the archer cutouts of the castle, mixed with the brown paper, etching of the castle, and the silver accents give the label a medieval feel with a modern look. Two capitals, the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir, are designed as their regular priced varietals while the Cabernet Sauvignon is designed to be a special reserve sold sold by the winery for an increased price point.


Graphic Designer // Photographer

Academy of Art University 2017
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San Francisco, California